NFL Survivor Pools

The survivor pool or eliminator challenge is one of the most popular NFL betting games behind only fantasy football. The premise of the survivor pool is simple. You have to pick one team each week to win that week's games. You can only pick each NFL team once during the season. If you guess correctly, you survive the week and continue on in the pool. If you lose, you are out, except in the case of some survivor pools that allow rebuys until a certain week such as Week 8 or 9.

The game seems so simple, yet every year a large percentage of people will get busted by a particular game that they thought was a lock. This is the NFL and it is "any given Sunday". So, what can you do to better your odds of winning?

If you are planning on making a deep run in the survivor pool, you must be able to have the foresight to make early picks that will better your odds and not leave you hamstrung later on. Sure, picking one of the best NFL teams against one of the worst is going to be popular from week to week; but you only get to use this team once, so be careful and be selective with you picks.

2014 Survivor Pool Advice

I have created a chart for this year's NFL survivor pool. This is not going to be a strict guide to making picks, just an easier way for you to see what games have the best chance of winning each week. Having this handy guide will help you choose early picks while still allowing you to keep teams like Denver, New Orleans and Seattle in your back pocket for late in the season when all the money is on the line.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Eagles vs Jags Saints vs Browns Pats vs Raiders Chargers vs Jags Steelers vs Jags
Bears vs Bills Packers vs Jets Colts vs Jags Colts vs Titans Packers vs Vikings
Steelers vs Browns Redskins vs Jags Saints vs Vikings Steelers vs Bucs Lions vs Bills
Chiefs vs Titans Pats vs Vikings Bengals vs Titans Lions vs Jets Saints vs Bucs
Jets vs Raiders Cowboys vs Titans Falcons vs Bucs Saints vs Cowboys Seahawks vs Redskins
Pats vs Dolphins Broncos vs Chiefs Ravens vs Browns Dolphins vs Raiders Broncos vs Cardinals
Seahawks vs Packers Seahawks vs Chargers Chargers vs Bills Falcons vs Vikings Eagles vs Rams
49ers vs Cowboys Bengals vs Falcons Bears vs Jets Texans vs Bills Cowboys vs Texans
Lions vs Giants 49ers vs Bears Cowboys vs Rams 49ers vs Eagles 49ers vs Chiefs
Panthers vs Bucs Texans vs Raiders Chiefs vs Dolphins Giants vs Redskins Chargers vs Jets
Saints vs Falcons Ravens vs Steelers Giants vs Texans Redskins vs Giants Titans vs Browns
Broncos vs Colts Bucs vs Rams 49ers vs Cardinals Patriots vs Chiefs Falcons vs Giants
Vikings vs Rams Steelers vs Ravens Eagles vs Redskins Packers vs Bears Patriots vs Bengals
Cardinals vs Chargers Cardinals vs Giants Packers vs Lions Bills vs Texans Browns vs Titans
Rams vs Vikings Dolphins vs Bills Panthers vs Steelers Ravens vs Panthers Colts vs Ravens
Chargers vs Cardinals Panthers vs Lions Bucs vs Falcons Panthers vs Ravens Panthers vs Bears
Redskins vs Texans Rams vs Bucs Rams vs Cowboys Raiders vs Dolphins Vikings vs Packers
Packers vs Seahawks Colts vs Eagles Texans vs Giants Vikings vs Falcons Bears vs Panthers
Texans vs Redskins Bills vs Dolphins     Giants vs Falcons
  Raiders vs Texans      
  Giants vs Cardinals      


Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Seahawks vs Cowboys Cardinals vs Raiders Chiefs vs Rams Bengals vs Jags Cowboys vs Jags
Broncos vs Jets Bears vs Dolphins Broncos vs Chargers Seahawks vs Raiders Ravens vs Titans
49ers vs Rams Pats vs Jets Dolphins vs Jags 49ers vs Rams Broncos vs Raiders
Pats vs Bills Seahawks vs Rams Jets vs Bills Chiefs vs Jets Bengals vs Browns
Colts vs Texans Steelers vs Texans Browns vs Raiders Eagles vs Texans Seahawks vs Giants
Packers vs Dolphins Redskins vs Titans Cowboys vs Redskins Saints vs Panthers Chiefs vs Bills
Titans vs Jags Browns vs Jags Bucs vs Vikings Colts vs Giants Lions vs Dolphins
Cardinals vs Redskins Packers vs Panthers Seahawks vs Panthers Bucs vs Browns Cardinals vs Rams
Steelers vs Browns Ravens vs Falcons Bengals vs Ravens Cowboys vs Cardinals Falcons vs Bucs
Chargers vs Raiders Vikings vs Bills Pats vs Bears Cardinals vs Cowboys Steelers vs Jets
Ravens vs Bucs Cowboys vs Giants Texans vs Titans Chargers vs Dolphins Packers vs Bears
Eagles vs Giants Saints vs Lions Lions vs Falcons Panthers vs Saints Eagles vs Panthers
Bengals vs Panthers Bills vs Vikings Falcons vs Lions Browns vs Bucs Browns vs Bengals
Lions vs Vikings Jags vs Browns Colts vs Steelers Vikings vs Redskins Panthers vs Eagles
Bears vs Falcons Colts vs Bengals Titans vs Texans Redskins vs Vikings Bucs vs Falcons
Texans vs Colts Chiefs vs Chargers Vikings vs Bucs    
Falcons vs Bears Broncos vs 49ers Eagles vs Cardinals    
Panthers vs Bengals Giants vs Cowboys Raiders vs Browns    
  Chargers vs Chiefs Redskins vs Cowboys    
  Jets vs Pats Bills vs Jets    
  Falcons vs Ravens Saints vs Packers    
    Cardinals vs Eagles    


Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15
Bears vs Vikings Colts vs Jags Rams vs Raiders 49ers vs Raiders Ravens vs Jags
49ers vs Giants Falcons vs Browns Giants vs Jags Lions vs Bucs Packers vs Bills
Chargers vs Raiders Chiefs vs Raiders Panthers vs Vikings Broncos vs  Bills Chiefs vs Raiders
Broncos vs Rams 49ers vs Redskins Colts vs Redskins Packers vs Falcons Panthers vs Bucs
Dolphins vs Bills Eagles vs Titans Texans vs Titans Colts vs Bowns Pats vs Dolphins
Panthers vs Falcons Bears vs Bucs Bills vs Browns Texans vs Jags Cardinals vs Rams
Steelers vs Titans Packers vs Vikings Bengals vs Bucs Ravens vs Dolphins Lions vs Vikings
Saints vs Bengals Broncos vs Dolphins Lions vs Bears Redskins vs Rams Bengals vs Browns
Redskins vs Bucs Saints vs Ravens Eagles vs Cowboys Bears vs Cowboys Colts vs Texans
Texans vs Browns Pats vs Lions Falcons vs Cardinals Saints vs Panthers Eagles vs Cowboys
Packers vs Eagles Chargers vs Rams Saints vs Steelers Giants vs Titans Giants vs Redskins
Cardinals vs Lions Bengals vs Texans Bears vs Lions Vikings vs Jets Rams vs Carbinals
Bills vs Dolphins Seahawks vs Cardinals Jets vs Dolphins Pats vs Chargers Steelers vs Falcons
Browns vs Texans Jets vs Bills Ravens vs Chargers Cowboys vs Bears Jets vs Titans
Seahawks vs Chiefs Giants vs Cowboys Titans vs Texans Rams vs Redskins Falcons vs Steelers
Lions vs Cardinals Bills vs Jets Cardinals vs Falcons Jets vs Vikings Saints vs Bears
Falcons vs Panthers Cowboys vs Giants Browns vs Bills Seahawks vs Eagles Broncos vs Chargers
Bucs vs Redskins Raiders vs Chiefs Dolphins vs Jets Bengals vs Steelers Redskins vs Giants
Pats vs Colts   Broncos vs Chiefs Cardinals vs Chiefs Titans vs Jets
    Raiders vs Rams Jags vs Texans  
    Vikings vs Panthers Chiefs vs Cardinals  
    Cowboys vs Eagles Titans vs Giants  
      Steelers vs Bengals  


Week 16 Week 17
Panthers vs Browns Texans vs Jags
Titans vs Jags Ravens vs Browns
Packers vs Bucs Seahawks vs Rams
Saints vs Falcons Saints vs Bucs
49ers vs Chargers Broncos vs Raiders
Pats vs Jets Pats vs Bills
Dolphins vs Vikings Bears vs Vikings
Ravens vs Texans 49er vs Cardinals
Seahawks vs Cardinals Panthers vs Falcons
Eagles vs Redskins Dolphins vs Jets
Bills vs Raiders Redskins vs Cowboys
Giants vs Rams Eagles vs Giants
Raiders vs Bills Colts vs Titans
Rams vs Giants Cowboys vs Redskins
Jags vs Titans Packers vs Lions
Bears vs Lions Falcons vs Panthers
Broncos vs Bengals Chiefs vs Chargers
Vikings vs Dolphins Jets vs Dolphins
Steelers vs Chiefs Steelers vs Bengals
Colts vs Cowboys Jags vs Texans
Chiefs vs Steelers Bengals vs Steelers
  Vikings vs Bears
  Chargers vs Chiefs

2014 Survivor Pool Picks

The easiest way to go about this early on in the season is basically to pick against the Jacksonville Jaguars, especially when they are on the road against decent/good teams. I have the Eagles as my week 1 pick because of this very fact. Besides for the Eagles vs the Titans in Week 11, you don't really have another good survivor match up with Philadelphia on the schedule.

Week 2 may make or break your whole campaign. It's going to be very tempting to pick Washington at home against the Jags, but they have proven that they can lose easy games like this in the past. If you can make it past this, you have Week 3 where you may have to use a good team like the Pats, Colts, or Saints. A lot of this depends on just how poor teams like Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Tennessee, Miami and Buffalo are going to be this year.

If the Jags are as bad as last year, you can pretty much pencil in the Chargers for Week 4, the Steelers for Week 5, and the Bengals for Week 9. Only the Steelers are on the road out of these 5 teams that play Jacksonville early. None of these teams have another match up on their schedule that is survivor pool material, so none of these picks will hurt you down the road. They will only hurt if the Jaguars pull an upset.

Be wary of teams on the road. There is no such thing as a guaranteed road win except in the case where one team has dominated another such as New England vs Buffalo or when a top team plays a team that is mediocre at home.

You have to be fluid with your selections. If one of the teams listed for/against in the top 5 picks of the week plays worse than expected/better than expected, you have to take this into account and change your picks accordingly. The chart above only shows the perceived preseason rankings of each team in regards to their schedule and nothing more.

Here is my preliminary survivor pool picks:

  • Week 1 - Eagles
  • Week 2 - Redskins
  • Week 3 - Saints
  • Week 4 - Chargers
  • Week 5 - Steelers
  • Week 6 - Patriots
  • Week 7 - Cardinals
  • Week 8 - Chiefs
  • Week 9 - Bengals
  • Week 10 - Broncos
  • Week 11 - Bears
  • Week 12 - Colts
  • Week 13 - Rams
  • Week 14 - 49ers
  • Week 15 - Packers
  • Week 16 - Panthers
  • Week 17 - Ravens